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2024 Dental South China Review

Dental South China 2024 was held in Area C of the Canton Fair exhibition hall on March 3-6, which is the first time that Baolai Medical participated in this dental event after four years since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. At this exhibition, Baolai Medical's new products  including piezo bone surgery, solid insulation super high frequency dental X-ray machine, implant stability meter, latest and hot sale ultrasonic scaler model P8L were showed together, attracting the attention of many loyal fans and new&old distributors. Everyone felt happy to try the long-awaited our new products.

Baolai Medical enjoyed a good market reputation in the past 14 years due to stable reliable quality, timely and thoughtful service. Old clients said that they were assured of the quality of Baolai as always, and they could not wait to order new products. Meanwhile, we also had in-depth face-to-face exchanges on the trends of industry development and product development.